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Lick Your Lips

Lick your lips,for the time has come, to taste the night and have some fun dont wait too long…so raise your cup “Bats Blood” is the drink,before the sun comes up !   Kay Keehner, Sheffield    

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A Glimpse of Leathery Wing

A glimpse of leathery wing in flight, A glint of sharpened tooth, A passionate kiss in the inky night, Everlasting youth. A little gothic mystery in every ruby drop     Gary Dooley, Hardingstone, Northants

My Blood is distinct…

My blood is distinct, Transylvanian and sweet, It is as soothing as any gothic heartbeat But my blood is Transylvanian and sweet, Bats only come out into the crepuscular to feed And what you have here is what happens when I bleed.     R. T. Richardson, St. Neots, Cambridgeshire

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Bats Blood Halloween Ball

The Bats Blood Ball at Halloween. We hope to be able to host several of these Balls all over the Country every year. This night was a fantastic night and will live long in the memory of all who attended. An amazing atmosphere generated by a wonderful array of guests. …

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How did you become a Goth?

We asked a variety of so called “Goths” how and when they got into the genre. Enlightening and engaging – it seems that many people fall under the spell while in their teens – but be careful – it can strike independent minded souls at any time. Enjoy…