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About Bats Blood

Bats Blood is The Legendary Wine from Transylvania. A delicious single grape Merlot, estate bottled – and tastes as smooth as velvet. Now available in leading Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants throughout the UK. Please Drop us a line if you would like to see it in your own local hostelry and help us spread the word.

Our Winemaker

Our Winemaker

Hartley Smithers, apart from being a great guy is also the chief winemaker for Casella (who make the world famous Yellowtail brand) –  Along with his wife (who is also a winemaker of repute) – they come over to Transylvania at the end of the Australian season and they take time to make our wonderful wine.

Our Wine

Our Wine

Bats Blood is grown, produced and bottled on The Master’s estate in the historic region of Transylvania close to the foothills of the Carpathian mountains. A single grape Merlot that is so velvety smooth and fruity that it becomes incredibly moreish. At 13.5% abv -it’s perfectly suited for sharing with your friends.

Our Customers

Our Customers

We take every opportunity to engage with our customers. From our social media channels as well as our tasting events. We strive to make your experience of Bats Blood as memorable as possible. From the quality of our wine through to our distinctive high quality packaging. We want you to enjoy Bats Blood wherever you are.

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Bats Blood Events

Join us at our memorable events – such as the incredible and unforgettable Bats Blood Ball. Come and say hello and join us at our tasting sessions all around the Nation.  See us at the BBC Good Food Show as well as other eclectic gatherings. Simply follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

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